5 Episodes

The Vocalist Magazine Presents...” is A documentary format that is informative and diverse, the episodes are arranged to show 3 stages of the artist’s career: the artist’s past, their current career and their future. We aim to understand where they came from and where they are going.

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  • The Vocalist Magazine Presents…S3 / E1: WAYNE TENNANT

    Episode 1

    This episode will introduce Montreal-based musician, Wayne Tennant. The episode will outline how he started as an artist, to where he is now. This episode will also detail all the side projects that he is working on.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S3/E2 - The Record Breakers

    Episode 2

    The Record Breakers are from the West Island of Montreal. They play original music with elements of country, folk, pop, rock and blues. And then they add something that is all their own.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S3/E3 SHYRE

    Episode 3

    Shyre is Rossy on keyboards and lead vocals, Victor De Coninck and Fred Michaud on viola and violin, Karine Bouchard on drums, and Jonathan Arseneau on bass (although for this show they were playing with a temporary substitution).

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S3/E4 - HANORAH

    Episode 4

    Following a psychological trauma, Montreal native Hanorah started writing poems and singing soul, blues and jazz songs at home. One day, she realized she was wasting her talent hiding away so she found a producer and within 3 months she released her first full-length album.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S3/E5 - DAWN TYLER WATSON

    Episode 5

    Hailed as "Montreal's Queen of the Blues," singer, songwriter and actress Dawn Tyler Watson commands both stage and screen with her natural presence and silky vocals. Born in England and raised in Ontario, she launched her career with the debut album, Ten Dollar Dress, featuring her group, Dawn T...